Welcome to Wanted Crew International

When you need assistance for your event. You need that experience to be as hassle free as possible.

- You want the crew to be punctual

- Its helpful if the crew dresses in a professional manner.

- You want to be working with people who are positive, energetic and who know which end of the cable goes into the socket ;)

- The crew defenitly needs to respect your equipment and your clients.

- You need the booking process to be as simple and pain free as possible.


Wanted Crew International was born with all that in minde.

The beginning:

We were eight guys driving back from a very hard job. It had been alot harder then it should have been. The working conditions and the pay were appaling. I looked at these awesome guys I had spent a week sweating and toiling with. There was so much raw talent in that car. And I thought to myself "this can be done better. These guys deserve more. Decent treatment, a fair pay and above all not to be put in needlessly dangerous situations" after a brief chat, we mutinied together. Quit working for the company that shall not be mentioned. A month later Wanted was born.

we started as a stagehand company "Wanted Hands". As we expanded we got noticed. More and more people joined the ranks. Before we knew it, we also had sound and Av technicians, videographers, editors .. etc

The original mission statement still stands. Altho we have added to it over the years as our exerience grew  

- We want to work in a professional environment. And we will bring that professionalisme with us, wherever we go.

- We want to look good while doing it. Therefor we wear uniforms.

- We want a fair wage for our work. So we started by being 8,5% more expensive then all our competitors. The extra 8,5% goes to the workers.

- We dont want to be yelled at or treated as "beasts of burden". We will warn, then "fire" clients who treat us that way.

- We want to meet new people, help them bring theire vision to life. And have fun while doing it.

- There are no big or small clients. They wil all get 100% from us.

- We will treat our clients with respect, and we will treat theire equipment as if it was our own.

The booking platform

The logistics around a big production can get to be a nightmare. Bookings over the phone, changes over email, diferent versions of crewlist .... etc. The bigger the production, the likelier it is that something goes wrong.

We have spent the last 10 years thinking about that. And found a solution that has drasticly improved on these conditions.

We created our own booking system. We are on version 3.0 now. And finally where we wanted to be. It "only" took 5 years, more money then I bear thinking about, and I m pretty sure I owe a few grey hairs to that project. (Side note, if you are thinking about creating your own app -and you are not a developper, just ... dont ... If you have to? come and see me. You can avoid some of the many mistakes we made, because we essentially didnt know anything about how to make an app.)

And what did we get for trouble?

- we have cut down the logistics by 80%, alot of things that we used to do, happen automatically now.

- we have not made a single booking error since we launched the first version 4 years ago

- all information is now centralised. The clients and all the workers have the same information.

- we've integrated google maps, so we all know where the meeting point is.

- we have created a virtual learning center, where our freelancers can go in and educate themselves. 

- our clients can build theire own crew by putting the workers they like on theire favorite list.

- our clients can book in multiple cities across europe, from the same app. And expect the same level of professionalisme and service mindedness that one should expect when seeing the Wanted logo.

- with the app we also started using our freelancers as project managers. Turns out they could do alot more then just "push boxes around". Every job has a dedicated project manager. it doesnt matter if the client is booking 1 person or 50.

it can do alot more. 

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" that is how it feels sometimes, especially when thinking back to the days of pen and paper /excell.

The international expanssion 

One of our very valued workers moved to Berlin in 2018. And altho we hated to lose him, we saw an opportunity to export our way of doing things.  We ended up doing productions in 8 major european cities that year. Two years later we had a presence in over 20 cities across europe. Certain coutries we have our own freelancers, other places we have local partners who have proven themselves, and abide by the same principals as we do. 

The goal is to cover all major cities in europe. Imagine going on tour and booking all the necessary crew for all your locations in one place. And confidently relax in the knowledgae that what you had in copenhagen, is also what you are getting in Lisabon. 

This is the last paragraph, thank you for your patience:

We will always try to think ahead, we will always look for better ways of doing things. We are not afarid to challenge the status quo, in fact I personally considder that to be one of our duty. We will treat everyone we meet with respect, clients and feelancers alike. We will comport ourselves in a professional manner. We will focus on the job at hand, and leave politics, religion and everything else that is irelevant outside.

If you feel that this is an envirenmont for you as a worker. If you think this is a kind of company you want a pertnership with. Or if you want your productions to be well organised. You are more then welcome to contact us.

Stay safe out there :)

The very best regards, On behalf of the Wanted team

Rachid Dikar

Acting ceo

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We believe that we can offer a range of unique capabilities

We have created our own app, that makes booking crew and the flow of information a lot easier. Contact us to get a log in.

  • We have a solid experience with shows, events, conferences and entertainment.
  • A strong team with a wide range of expert knowledge.
  • A highly functional booking system.


We are also able to provide these unique strengths:

  • A database of our personnel. A stage hand is a colleague for a day. The right chemistry has to be in place alongside the skills. We allow you to handpick your team.
  • Investment in the workforce. We spend countless hours training new people and beating bad habits out of the veterans.
  • We provide our people with a physical and virtual training centre.
  • Uniform. We take pride in making sure that our people look presentable and have a similar appearance.